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Offering complete flexibility - helping you to build a scheme which fits your requirements, from the ground up.

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Flexibility for your business needs

WPA is a not-for-profit health insurer synonymous within the industry as being a high quality trusted provider with a heritage dating back to 1901. WPA Protocol Plc is a 100% owned subsidiary which specialises in bespoke healthcare solutions for large companies that self-insure through a Corporate Healthcare Trust.

We recognise that each and every customer will face their own challenges when it comes to their private medical scheme. These challenges mean that a 'one size fits all' benefit schedule and administration service is not going to be right for everyone. This is why we choose to offer complete flexibility, helping you to build from the ground up a scheme solution which meets your needs.

Your employees are important to your business and a healthcare scheme is a cost effective way to look after them.

To discuss the funding and benefit options available to you, please contact us.

Why choose WPA?

  • Whether transferring from another insurer or starting from scratch, we aim to match your requirements so you have precisely what you want and need.
  • Specialist in-house clinical teams provide dedicated and personal claims management to support those members with complex clinical needs.
  • Our market leading management information tool, Precision Analytics, provides daily data which is never more than 24 hours out of date.
  • Customer service excellence built up over 120 years.

Our solutions

Our bespoke healthcare solutions for large companies offer a variety of funding options to suit your requirements.

Corporate Healthcare Trust

A Corporate Healthcare Trust (CHT) is a cost-effective way for large companies (typically 500+ employees) to provide private medical benefits to its members. It's a funding vehicle that's approved by HMRC and it typically works out around 10% less expensive than the equivalent insured arrangement.

Companies covering over 500 employees on a healthcare scheme typically see claims spend as largely predictable year on year and as such, traditional insurance schemes where the entire claims spend is insured may not be the optimum solution.

Many companies choose to set up a Corporate Healthcare Trust arrangement whereby a specialist administration company charges a fee to act on the company's behalf, including running the customer helpdesk, authorisation of claims, processing of invoices and dedicated account management support.

  • Ultimate flexibility for employers as the benefits provided can be entirely bespoke to meet their individual needs;
  • The claims fund is not paid to the insurer as part of a premium it remains the Trust's money. This means that if there is a low claiming year, any surplus claims fund in the client account still belongs to the Trust and can be utilised to meet the cost of claims in a future scheme year;
  • As the scheme is self-funded rather than insured, IPT is not applicable (traditional schemes see IPT charged at 12% of the overall premium). VAT is applied, but to the administration fee only.
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If you'd like to discuss our Corporate Healthcare Trust solution for your workforce, please contact us.

LifeStage Health

Support at each of life's natural stages

Introducing WPA LifeStage Health. Designed to facilitate access and raise awareness.

Claims cost management

Our specialist Provider Services team ensure that we have robust management structures in place to ensure value for money. We negotiate written and signed agreements with all hospital groups and private wings within NHS hospitals throughout the UK. Our sophisticated and purpose built systems work in tandem with our Centre of Clinical Excellence to ensure accuracy in billing against our agreed prices, down to a granular level of even a single drug.

We also have strong relationships with the medical professionals delivering care to our members. As part of an independent Populus survey, 62% of consultants surveyed would commend WPA - twice as many as our nearest competitor.

Relationship management

We provide you with a dedicated Relationship Manager whose responsibility is the day to day running of the Scheme and to ensure everything happens as it should.

Supporting the Relationship manager is your dedicated Scheme Administrator and Management Support team. The role of the Scheme Administrator is to oversee all administrative elements of the Scheme ensuring the timely provision of data, accurate invoicing and maintaining the membership.

Strategic support includes free access to WPA's events which focus on emerging topics and treatments. Your Relationship Manager will work with you to identify and proactively manage any adjustments that may be necessary to help future proof and protect your healthcare Scheme.

We treat our members as we would wish to be treated ourselves and firmly believe that no one member is more important to us than any other. The challenge we set ourselves is that, when dealing with them, every member should feel like they are the most important member we look after.

Potential savings

Our Corporate Deductible and Corporate Healthcare Trust schemes offer significant savings compared to a traditional Fully Insured scheme.

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Precision Analytics integration

Our market leading management information tool, Precision Analytics, has revolutionised the way in which collectively, we are able to interrogate and view your Scheme data.

This superior customer experience offers up-to-date, interactive and dynamic Scheme data at your fingertips, providing you with quality, accuracy and certainty.

This enables you to:

  • Understand the claims cost of your Scheme giving you long-term control of your claims liability
  • See how your premium is calculated in a fair and sustainable way with our world leading analytics, providing integrity, transparency and trust
  • Model your Scheme and see the effects financially - a proven commitment to driving down costs
Precision Analytics integration

WPA Health app

WPA Health is believed to be the first of its kind within the health insurance market. Designed for our members, it aims to put you in control of your Scheme membership.

Secure access to:

  • Make and track your claims, 24/7
  • View your benefit limits
  • Send and receive secure messages
  • View your membership literature
  • Access 24/7 Remote GP Services

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