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Healthcare providers and WPA

At WPA, we provide access to the sort of healthcare that we want for ourselves and our families.

We recognise the importance of freedom of choice for patients, allowing patients to see the healthcare provider of their choosing. We passionately believe access to providers should be a clinical choice, not a commercial decision driven by a health insurer.

We realise that as a healthcare provider your time is precious, so below you will find useful information and services aimed at supporting you and our members. From providing a secure hub, enabling you to upload your invoices, to accessing the WPA Fee Schedule to find out what amounts we will pay towards your fees, our Provider area is designed to make life easier.

Secure hub for healthcare providers

At WPA we understand the time constraints placed on busy lives and clinical practices. As such we know that waiting for a call to be answered is frustrating as well as time consuming. To address this we have upgraded the secure hub for providers where you can now self-serve in the following areas:

What you can do

Upload your invoices - this is by far the quickest way and it's FREE.
Frequently Asked Questions - check here first, this may save you a call.
Update your WPA Registration information to ensure its always accurate.
View payments made and outstanding.
Access Provider Live Chat for a speedy response to your query.
Need information to submit an EDI invoice through Healthcode - search for the customer number on your My Space hub.

Provider secure hub login

Login or register for access to the secure hub

Apply for WPA recognition

Become recognised by WPA to allow our members to make use of your services.

Our members are free to choose where, when and who provides them with treatment. All we ask is that you register with us for recognition first. If you are not registered, but would like to be, please select 'Apply for WPA recognition' below.

Once recognised, our members will be able to find your contact details within our online healthcare provider search.

Useful resources for healthcare providers

Guidance for providers

Important information covering areas such as treatment pre-authorisation, invoice processing and details about health insurance cover.

Check medical fees

Search the WPA Fee Schedule to find out what amounts we will pay towards the fee charged by a specialist.


We have put together a list of our most commonly asked questions by healthcare providers.

Methods of billing accepted by WPA

You can submit invoices to us in a number of ways. To ensure prompt processing and payment please use the online methods.


Invoice upload

PDF invoices can be submitted to us directly using our invoice upload facility, available in the secure hub for providers. This is a free, fast and secure method of submitting invoices.



We accept electronic invoices through Healthcode. This is a fast and secure way of submitting invoices to the majority of health insurers.


Email and Post

If you are not able to use our fastest and safest ways to bill us, invoice upload or via Healthcode, then you can email your invoices or send them to us in the post.

Healthcare provider search

Our healthcare provider search allows anyone, not just our members, to find a healthcare professional or service in their area, including information on where they practice and details of how them can contact them.

Specialists and therapists need to be recognised by WPA to appear in our provider search facility. If you are a healthcare provider not currently recognised by WPA, you can apply online to allow our members to make use of your services.

Healthcare provider search

Help & advice

Our help & support area will help you find the answers you need.
Login to the provider secure hub to self-serve 24/7 or email us if you need further assistance.