Premium Hospitals

The hospitals that you can visit for treatment can be enhanced with our Premium Hospital option.

WPA provides an extensive choice of over 1,000 hospitals, clinics and scanning centres across the UK as standard. These include large private hospital groups, independent private hospitals and clinics, and private wings of NHS hospitals.

The following hospitals are not included, on selected policies/schemes, unless you choose to extend your choice of hospitals by adding the Premium Hospitals option.

Our Premium Hospitals are listed below:

  • BUPA Cromwell Hospital
  • 30 Devonshire Street
  • Harley Street at Queen's (Romford, Essex)
  • Harley Street at UCH
  • Harley Street Clinic
  • Kingston Hospital (Surrey)
  • Lister Hospital
  • LOC at Chelsea (Sydney Street)
  • LOC - Leaders in Oncology Care
  • London Bridge Hospital
  • London Bridge Hospital at Guy's and St. Thomas'
  • London Clinic
  • Portland Hospital
  • Princess Grace Hospital
  • Royal Marsden Hospital (London and Surrey)
  • The National Hospital for Neurology and Neurosurgery
  • University College London
  • Wellington Hospital

These hospitals are primarily located in and around London. As specialist centres (e.g. for cancer treatment) many patients are referred to these sites for treatment regardless of where they live. In addition, certain specialists only work out of these hospitals. Please note that any treatment (including scans, tests, procedures etc.) recommended by your Specialist at a Premium Hospital, will not be covered unless this option is selected.

Exclude Premium Hospitals

If you exclude Premium Hospitals, you will only be able to add this option at renewal and you will not be able to claim for treatment in one of these centres until a qualifying period of 90 days has passed.