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Support at each of life's natural stages

Introducing WPA LifeStage Health

Support for men and women at each of life's natural stages

As our bodies change through the key stages of adolescence, adulthood and later years, our healthcare needs change too. For some, this can lead to physical and mental challenges that impact their wellbeing, their families and their careers. LifeStage Health has been designed for employers to facilitate access to essential checks, tests and experts in their respective fields. Raising awareness and knowledge increases wellbeing and helps prevent conditions that are avoidable with healthy life choices.

Supporting and promoting wellbeing in the workplace is important in order to create better working lives which can deliver mutual benefits to employees, organisations and communities in which they operate. Creating an environment that enables people to reach their full potential.

The physical and mental health and wellbeing of employees is increasingly important. At WPA, we recognise and embrace the differences in both age and gender and offer options to support your entire workforce and their families.


LifeStage Health facilitates treatment pathways for a range of conditions for everyone regardless of their gender identity. Packages can be tailored to suit your company's needs and the needs of your employees.


You can bespoke the support you want to provide for your teams, including access to support services, diagnostic tests, screening and expert consultations and advice.


Complementing the NHS, as well as traditional corporate healthcare arrangements, while being affordable enough to be offered to entire workforces as well as their families.

LifeStage Health offers a flexible approach where you decide which services would be of most benefit to your team, paying for what you use - and nothing else. All backed by WPA's award-winning customer service.

Creating your benefits package

Example packages for a full holistic approach

The example packages are completely flexible and you can mix and match to your requirements. They have each been designed to complement existing healthcare arrangements, whilst providing a full holistic approach. There is the option to combine benefits for companies with no existing healthcare in place, or as a lower cost alternative for the rest of your workforce (e.g. to 'top-up' cover). Whichever option(s) you choose, the total benefit amount is your decision.

Cash benefit limits ranging from £500 - unlimited

Optional Extras - Remote GP Services • Cancer Screening and Diagnostic Tests • Mental Health Services • Health and Wellbeing Hub


A cash benefit to help reach a diagnosis and discuss treatment options

Consultations, Diagnostic Tests/Procedures, Scans, Contraception

Living with periods for many can feel like a burden with heavy periods, pain, mood swings and interruption to daily life. This benefit is designed to help you reach a diagnosis and understand treatment options.


A cash benefit to provide support to peri- and post- menopausal women.

Consultations, Blood Tests, Bone Density Scan, HRT

For most women, understanding the menopause and gaining advice is enough to help them manage their symptoms and provide reassurance.


A cash benefit to help reach a diagnosis and understand options available.

Consultations, Blood Tests, Scans

Fertility treatment can be costly. This benefit is designed to help early diagnosis and understand options to educate and support couples.


Benefit available to promote screening and intervening before health effects occur.

Health Screening, Blood Pressure/Cholesterol, Diabetes, Smear Test, Contraception, Mammogram, Sexual Health, PSA Test, Gynaecological Treatment

This preventative benefit can enhance awareness and allow everyone to be proactive in their healthcare needs.

Men's Health

Benefit available to promote screening and help reach a diagnosis and provide support for men

Consultations, Diagnostic Tests/Procedures, Scans and Screening, Vasectomy

Bladder and prostate problems in men are widely documented, however, erectile dysfunction and undescended testes for example are not widely discussed. This benefit helps men to get early diagnosis and understand their options.

Combine packages

  • A combined approach for your entire workforce to support each life stage, allowing periods, fertility, menopause, men's health and preventative benefits. Suggested fund: £2,000
  • Or, tailor the above categories to select the benefits that complement your current health insurance arrangements. Suggested fund: £1,000

Support for men and women at each of life's natural stages

LifeStage Health : Women's Health

Supporting women through physical and mental challenges that impact their wellbeing, their families and their careers.

Woman running

LifeStage Health : Men's Health

With men less likely than women to visit a GP and acknowledge illness, it is important to offer support.

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