Mental Health Cover

A summary of the mental health benefits available to our members.

The mental health cover we offer

We recognise that mental health benefits are an important element within a health insurance product. Our aim is to provide our members with access to a variety of treatment pathways through a number of key benefits.

In doing so, you can have the utmost confidence that you and your family member(s) can call on the support of your health insurer when needed.

Benefit availability and limits will vary across products so it's important to check the relevant product literature.

24/7 helpline benefit

The 24/7 helpline benefit is included for our members, so you can rest assured that your health insurance is there for you, just in case you need a little extra help and support.

It's a confidential service which means that all support and advice is provided in confidence - nothing will be shared unless absolutely necessary, and not without the member's prior consent.

It's available for all members and their family member(s) who are over 16 years of age.

The treatment pathway is entirely the member's choice (dependent on individual need and clinical assessment).

Telephone Counselling Support for emotional concerns

Confidential, single-session telephone counselling (provided by a team of counsellors) offers immediate support to individuals presenting with a wide range of emotional issues, either of a personal or work-related nature.

In addition to the single-session support above, members also have access to an online computerised Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (cCBT) Life Skills Course (to develop skills in coping with anxiety and depression).

Wellbeing and Health Information

Helping to support a healthy lifestyle and provided by a team of confidential counsellors, this includes:

  • Health concerns
  • Diet and exercise
  • Childcare and eldercare concerns

Additional Support

The 24/7 helpline also provides guidance on debt and managing your money, provided by a team of financial experts. Additionally, you can access help with legal matters from a team of legal experts.

This benefit is provided by a third party.

Telephone counselling can help an individual in a variety of different ways

  • Explore feelings and emotional reactions. For example family dynamics, relationship issues, bereavement and loneliness/isolation.
  • Find clarity. Perhaps with a difficult situation at work or with a family member(s).
  • Enhance a sense of personal resilience. Improve self-confidence and help with perspective.
  • Consider the options. In times of change, such as having a baby, divorce or separation, or even 'empty nest' syndrome.

All of the above concerns can be helped by talking things through and perhaps showing a different perspective on the issue/concern.

HealthHero Wellbeing Hub - an additional online service for companies

As part of the 24/7 helpline, company contacts will have access to an online service, HealthHero Wellbeing Hub. This provides practical information in the form of helpsheets, newsletters and podcasts on a range of issues such as stress and resilience, debt, family, mental and physical health.

The HealthHero Wellbeing Hub online portal provides:

  • Webinars
  • Monthly newsletter and information sheet
  • Newsroom articles
  • An overview of each 24/7 helpline service

This benefit is provided by a third party.

Structured counselling benefit

Counselling sessions are provided via either telephone, video or face to face and will be arranged with a dedicated counsellor at a time that is convenient for you.

If face to face counselling is deemed clinically necessary, it will be arranged using a network of counsellors and psychologists at a convenient location near to your preferred postcode.

For all referrals to structured counselling, you will be contacted by your dedicated counsellor who will confirm your first session.

This benefit will not have any general or personal exclusions applied which means that addictions (e.g. alcohol, drug and substance abuse) are covered.

Structured Counselling

Where clinically appropriate, the 24/7 helpline will arrange onward referral to a counsellor for sessions via either telephone, video or face to face.

The counselling that is available through the 24/7 helpline is short-term, solution-focused structured counselling within the confines of an allotted number of sessions. The 24/7 helpline will conduct an assessment to establish the most appropriate clinical pathway and agree the aim of the counselling.

Structured Counselling (Extended Therapy)

This benefit provides additional sessions, allowing the treatment of more complex health concerns, if required.

This benefit is provided by a third party.

Mental health treatment benefits

Additional benefit towards out-patient and in-patient mental health treatment is available across our range of commercial health insurance products.

It's an unfortunate fact of life that mental health distresses and disorders happen and can negatively impact lives.

We strongly believe in allowing our members the freedom to choose their treatment provider and gain access to their chosen treatment pathway.

Out-patient Psychology / Psychotherapy Treatment

Benefit is available for consultations with a psychiatrist and treatment by a psychologist or psychotherapist.

It includes Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) and techniques such as Eye Movement Desensitisation and Reprocessing (EMDR) often used to treat mental health conditions following a difficult life event.

In-patient Mental Health Treatment

Benefit is available for an in-patient stay at a mental health hospital, where members can fully focus on recovery, engage in regular therapy and help avoid exposure to triggers.

All treatment requires pre-authorisation. Treatment is subject to defined limits: monetary, time or the number of days/nights as outlined in the product literature.

Remote GP Services benefit for all the family

The Remote GP Services benefit provides access to a GP - either by phone or by video, depending on which you prefer and which is most appropriate.

WPA Health app

Enhanced features in the palm of your hand.

Available on iOS and Android, and designed specifically for the convenience of our members, WPA Health provides easy access to make a claim 24/7, track claim and benefit limits, access 24/7 Remote GP Services, send and receive secure messages and more! Simply sign-in using your WPA username and password.

Your mental health benefits working for you

With a range of benefits available, it can sometimes be difficult to decide on the best treatment path. Please don't worry, we are here to support you at every step of the way.

Case studies

Case studies have been kept anonymous. Source:

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M has suicidal thoughts…

M called the 24/7 helpline. He talked about feeling hopeless and lonely. He lived with his partner but explained they had been growing apart and he felt more like a burden and a disappointment to everyone around him. The counsellor that was supporting M on the call was concerned about the statements being made and immediately wanted to assure him that he had done the right thing by calling to talk to someone. In talking, M began to feel less anxious and his sense of panic eased, stating that he felt as though “a load has lifted” from his shoulders.