Individual and family health insurance: Complete Health

A modern and flexible family health insurance solution that can be tailored to suit your personal needs and budget.

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Health insurance designed for today's lifestyle

Complete Health has been designed as a tailored and flexible health insurance plan for individuals and families. There are a set range of core benefits that provide the foundation of your cover, together with an extensive range of Optional Extras that enable you to create your complete physical and mental health package.

Manage your membership on the go, with the WPA Health app (available on the App Store and Google Play) or through My WPA - our secure online portal.

WPA is a specialist UK not-for-profit health insurer offering award-winning health insurance solutions to individuals, families and companies of all sizes.

We're rated 'Excellent' on Trustpilot.


Complete Health provides one of the highest quality offerings on the market.

  • Core Benefits included with every Complete Health policy
  • A range of Optional Extras to enhance your cover
  • Remote GP service and other member support benefits included as standard
  • No Claims Discount option available
  • Choice of Shared Responsibility or Excess to control your premiums

The benefits at a glance

Complete Health features Core Benefits that are included in every policy, along with a range of Optional Extras to tailor your health insurance policy to your needs.

Core Benefits

Included in every Complete Health policy

Access to hospital treatment supported by out-patient benefits which can be enhanced.

Out-patient Treatmentview

A range of out-patient treatment

Hospital Treatmentview

In-patient and day-patient treatment

Health and Wellbeing Benefitsview

A range of health and wellbeing benefits

NHS Hospital Cash Benefitview

Cash benefit for NHS day-patient, in-patient and out-patient treatment

Further Benefitsview

Optional Extras

Choose to enhance your cover

Optional Extras provide even more flexibility to tailor your health insurance policy benefits.

Cancer Careview

Extra Out-patient Consultationsview

Out-patient Testsview


Mental Health Treatmentview

Overseas Emergency Treatmentview

Winter Sports - UK Treatmentview

Cash Extrasview

Dental Care (Dental Emergencies and Injuries)view

Premium Hospitalsview

What's not covered

As with all health insurance there are certain things that are not covered. For a full list of what isn't covered, please refer to the 'A Guide to Your Policy', available as part of our quote process. Key exclusions include:

Pre-existing conditions

Dental problems (except limited cash benefits)

Long-term conditions (chronic conditions)

Fertility, pregnancy and childbirth

Cosmetic/aesthetic treatment

Allergic conditions

If you need to claim, we keep things simple

Once you have joined Complete Health, all claims must be pre-authorised before you commence any treatment.

In most instances, authorisation of a claim is quick and easy - simply use the WPA Health app, go to, or call our customer helpdesk.


Contact your GP

If you're feeling unwell your GP is best placed to advise what may be necessary. If they feel you need investigations they will refer you.


Start a claim

Start a claim via our app, by logging into My WPA, or by calling us. It's important you register your claim before you incur any costs.


Treatment bills

Once your claim has been authorised you can begin your treatment journey. We settle the bills for your treatment directly with the treatment provider.

Specialists are free to set their own charges for consultations and operations. Operations (or procedures) are classified by a code. We set a maximum fee that we will reimburse for each of these codes and consultations based on our assessment of the customary and reasonable cost. Specialists are required to let you know their charge in advance so you can check whether this is within our fee allowance. If you have chosen an Excess or Shared Responsibility, or the specialist has charged more than our allowance, we will only pay our share directly to them. We will let you know what you are required to pay.

Member support benefits

Included with every Complete Health policy

There are times when we could all benefit from some extra help or advice. Having access to support from the comfort of our own home is invaluable.

That's why Complete Health includes a range of health & wellbeing benefits - available at a time and a place of your choosing.

Slide image

Remote GP Services

Access to a GP either by phone or by video, depending on which you prefer and which is most appropriate. Simply book online at My WPA or via our WPA Health app to set up a GP consultation at a convenient time for you. The consultation can include the issuing of digital prescriptions to your local pharmacy.


Tailor your premiums

Complete Health offers two ways to help control your health insurance premiums - Excess or a Shared Responsibility.

An Excess is the amount you have to pay towards the cost of your eligible treatment before we contribute to your treatment costs. Once your Excess has been paid, we will provide benefit for your eligible treatment costs for the remainder of that policy year within your benefit limits.

The Excess is applied per person, per policy year and not per claim.

An example

Select a level of Excess:

Please note that the examples are for indicative purposes only. It is based upon the assumption that the optional extras or level of cover chosen provide benefit for the types of treatment illustrated.

You do not have to pay Excess on the following benefits

Structured Counselling benefits | NHS Hospital Cash Benefit | Physio Pathway (part of the Therapy Optional Extra) | Out of Pocket Expenses | Hospice Donation | Wigs (part of the Cancer Care Optional Extra) | Cash Extras Optional Extra and Dental Emergencies (part of the Dental Care Optional Extra).

Where a Shared Responsibility or an Excess has been chosen, you cannot mix them on the same policy. However, you may choose different levels of Shared Responsibility or Excess per family member.

Shared Responsibility and Excess explained video

Pricing options

Complete Health offers you the choice of a No Claims Discount or a Pooled Risk pricing option. The choice is yours but it is important to understand the differences and how it affects the premium you pay now and in the future. Once you have chosen your pricing method you will not be able to switch to the other.

Each person has their own No Claims Discount level. A No Claims Discount, whether you claim or not, has a direct impact on your health insurance premiums. Your quote and Certificate of Insurance will show the level of No Claims Discount that applies.

No Claims Discount Level


How claiming affects your No Claims Discount

During your first year, claims made within the first nine months will affect your No Claims Discount. In future years, the period will typically run from the last three months of your previous policy year and the first nine months of your current policy year.

Total claims amount in period:

What won't affect your No Claims Discount

Health and Wellbeing benefits (excluding the Structured Counselling Extended Therapy benefit) | NHS Hospital Cash Benefit | Physio Pathway | Hospice Donation | Dental Emergencies (part of the Dental Care Optional Extra) | Cash Extras Optional Extra.

In addition, any Shared Responsibility contribution or Excess amount that you have paid, will not affect your No Claims Discount.

No Claims Discount explained video

Member offers

You will also benefit from member offers throughout the length of your health insurance policy.

Offers are available for items such as gym memberships, optical and health screening discounts.

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Full details, including any terms and conditions, are provided upon joining.

Advice from your local WPA Healthcare Practice

Finding the right healthcare solution for your needs can be confusing, that's why we created the WPA Healthcare Practice, a wholly owned subsidiary of WPA, authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority. This means we have Healthcare Partners across the UK that can advise you on WPA's products and services and provide access to the sort of healthcare that we want for ourselves and our families.

All Healthcare Partners hold, or are studying towards, the Chartered Insurance Institute (CII) Certificate in Insurance and are fully trained in all of WPA's products and services. So you can be confident you are working with qualified and professional advisors. Find your local Healthcare Partner to help you at every step of the journey.

Healthcare Practice

Video guides

It is important that the options you choose when purchasing the Complete Health policy are the correct ones for you and your family. To help you, and further to the information available above, we have produced a series of videos to explain some of the key features of the health insurance policy. Select a video below to find out more.

No Claims Discount
Pooled Risk Pricing
Shared Responsibility and Excess

Frequently asked questions

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