WPA cover and Brexit

The vast majority of our customers’ cover will
not be affected by Brexit. See below for more details.

In the event of an immediate withdrawal from the EU (a “No Deal Brexit”) we do not anticipate a significant impact on any WPA policies. However there are points to note as below:

European Health Insurance Card “EHIC”

As a member of the EU, UK citizens are currently entitled to a European Health Insurance Card (EHIC) to access treatment in a European state funded facility. It is anticipated that for UK citizens, EHIC will cease to be valid if the UK leaves the EU.

For those customers who have elected to include Overseas Emergency Treatment, WPA will provide funding for eligible treatment in European state funded facilities as well as for private medical hospitals and clinics.

The Overseas Emergency Treatment cover provides benefit for unforeseen treatment that, for medical reasons, cannot be delayed until your return to the UK. Please note that this is not a full Travel Insurance policy.

To make an emergency claim you must call the WPA Worldwide Coordination Centre: (+44) 20 8682 3800.

This 24 hour service offers all major languages and can provide invaluable help and advice on making an emergency claim. Your policy documentation will confirm whether or not you are covered for overseas emergency treatment.

Treatment in the UK

It has been reported that there could be a shortage of drugs/medical devices in the event of a "No Deal Brexit".

We have been in discussion with the major hospital groups on this subject for some time. Some hospital groups have taken steps to increase the stock levels held of drugs and devices.

Generally, there are alternative drugs/devices which are able to be used if stocks were to run low. It is the responsibility of the hospitals’ Medical Advisory and Governance Committee to ensure that a level of stock is held to meet an individual’s planned course of treatment.

In the event of a longer term course of drugs being potentially disrupted we are informed that consultants would liaise with their pharmacy and suppliers to identify the risk and consider alternative treatment.

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