Cancer Care - in practice

Please read the following information in conjunction with your Guide, Benefit Schedule and Certificate of Registration (or Certificate of Participation). Together these documents contain the terms and conditions of your Policy/Company Scheme, including the details of any exclusions, benefit limits and restrictions on hospital choice that may apply.

The Cancer Care benefit must be included as standard or selected as an optional extra under your Policy/Company Scheme. Any Shared Responsibility (co-payment)/excess or maximum annual limits apply to claims.

Please remember that all claims must be pre-authorised; WPA will contact the specialist in charge of your treatment to obtain a full treatment plan.

Any cancer treatment must be endorsed by your specialist’s Multi-Disciplinary Team in accordance with best practice guidelines from NHS England or equivalent in the devolved nations.

Depending on the type of treatment prescribed by your specialist and any applicable terms and conditions, you have a choice of where you receive treatment: as a private in-patient; day-patient; out-patient; or at home. If your Policy/Company Scheme includes benefit for NHS Hospital Cash Benefit - Cancer then you may choose to have your treatment as an NHS patient and claim the cash benefit instead.

Please note that the example questions are set by industry standards and are not based on any individual customer scenario.

Example 1 – Breast cancer

Example 2 - Anaemia

Example 3 - Infection

Example 4 – Returning cancer

Example 5 - Diagnosis

Example 6 - Remission

Example 7 – Maximum annual benefit limit

Example 8 – Hospice care

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