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Personal/family policies

How does my client pay their Shared Responsibility/Excess?

Can my client send you a cash plan claim online?

Why does my client have to log into their account to get their emails?

Why does the claim notification advise 'balance to be paid' when it has already been paid?

Does my client meet your Switch terms?

What is Shared Responsibility?

How can I get Personal/family quotes for my clients?

Small & Medium Enterprise policies

When are Enterprise group renewal terms available?

Can I track new Enterprise applications that have been submitted?

How do I request Enterprise renewal quotations?

What discounts are available to Enterprise scheme members?

What joining terms are available to new joiners on a particular Enterprise scheme?

On an Enterprise scheme, what age can child dependants stay on cover until?

How do I get an Enterprise company scheme quotation?

What information do you need in order to quote for an Enterprise company scheme?

What is your minimum Enterprise group size?

Is there a maximum Enterprise group size?

Who is eligible to join the Enterprise company scheme?

Large Corporate schemes

How can I contact the Large Corporate scheme Account Manager/Administrator?

Where can I send Large Corporate scheme related documents?

Where can I access and download Large Corporate scheme reports?

What discounts are available to Large Corporate scheme members?

Where can I obtain a Large Corporate claims rated new business quotation?

What size of Large Corporate organisation do you quote for?

Where can I send my Large Corporate new business quotation?

Do WPA administer a hospital/consultant list?

What are WPA's Large Corporate product offerings?

Do WPA facilitate bespoke care pathways?


What is iZone and how do I register?

How can I view my commission statements?

Who can I contact with a query about my commission?

How do I get an agency with WPA?

I have forgotten my log in details to iZone, what do I do?

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