Providental benefits

Two different levels of cover and the choice of NHS or private treatment puts you in control of choosing the right dental plan for your needs.


All benefit limits shown are per person per Cash Plan year, unless otherwise indicated. Qualifying and deferment periods apply to some benefits, which means that you will not be able to claim straight away. Please refer to the 'A Guide to Your Cash Plan' in the 'Download documents' section below for full details of the benefits and terms and conditions.

General Dental Treatment
Routine dental treatment that takes place in a general dental practice with your dentist or hygienist. This benefit provides reimbursement for general dental treatment including examinations, x-rays, scale and polish, and fillings; as well as root canals, crowns, bridges and dentures. A 30 day qualifying period applies.
100% of costs

(NHS treatment only)
75% of treatment costs up to £250

(NHS or private treatment)
Dental Emergencies (UK or abroad)
Incidents of acute pain, swelling or a dental haemorrhage requiring an emergency dental appointment, whether treated by a private or NHS dentist. £250 per episode up to the maximum limits shown. A 14 day qualifying period applies.
75% of treatment costs up to £500

(maximum of two episodes)
75% of treatment costs up to £1,000

(maximum of four episodes)
Dental Injuries
Includes a dental emergency benefit of £250 for an emergency appointment abroad. Planned dental treatment under the care of a Specialist in a hospital setting. Treatment must follow an emergency dental appointment, at the referral of your dentist, for an injury to your teeth directly caused by an external blow (extra oral impact) to the teeth, face or jaw. A 14 day deferment period applies.
Restorative Treatment as a direct result of Oral Cancer
Planned treatment under the care of a recognised Specialist in a hospital setting for restorative dentistry required as a direct result of treatment received for oral cancer. A 14 day deferment period applies.
NHS Hospital Cash Benefit
Payable for Dental Injuries and Restorative Treatment as a direct result of Oral Cancer.
£200 per day/night

up to a maximum of £2,000

This table is a summary of the benefits available and is for indicative purposes only. All benefits are per person per cash plan year and up to the annual limits shown. Please refer to the 'Cash Plan Brochure' for further details and 'A Guide to Your Cash Plan' for full terms and conditions, available as part of our quote process.

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