WPA Health App provides instant Health Insurance claims authorisation

01 December 2020

The WPA Health App now allows customers to make a Health Insurance claim and receive an instant decision - a first in the UK Health Insurance market.

It continues the evolution of WPA Health providing customers with the convenience of 24/7 access to start their treatment journey.

Building on the existing functionality of tracking claims and benefit limits, the latest version of WPA Health helps customers:

  • Authorise health insurance claims - allowing customers to set up a claim and get initial treatment authorised in real-time without needing to speak to anyone at WPA
  • Submit claims for cash benefits - within two minutes with the majority being paid into the customer's bank account within two days
  • Access remote GPs 24/7 - at the press of a button arrange to speak to a GP who can prescribe medication and refer to a specialist

Nathan Irwin, WPA's Chief Executive, observes that "When suffering from a medical condition people want to access healthcare as quickly as possible. We believe we are the first health insurer in the UK to enable our customers to get their treatment journey started immediately when using the app. Our compassionate team will continue to help our customers on the phone, but for those customers who would prefer to interact with their Health insurer digitally this is a big step forward".

The WPA Health App is available for both Apple and Android phones.