WPA extends LifeStage Health to the SME market

12 October 2022

This exciting and award-winning contemporary employee benefit can be included within Precision Corporate Healthcare as a standalone option or added to the health insurance or cash plan scheme. It comes with a choice of LifeStage fund levels.

LifeStage Health recognises that people of different genders and ages have different needs throughout their lives. It provides access to care, raises awareness and promotes the understanding of life's natural challenges, support which was often excluded from traditional health insurance policies, and has been designed to facilitate treatment pathways for a range of conditions such as fertility, menopause and sexual health, for everyone regardless of their gender identity.

LifeStage Health has made Precision Corporate Healthcare even more flexible. Combined with Precision Analytics and with the option of a Group Deductible, it is one of the UK's most flexible options for companies considering more inclusive health cover for their employees.

Sharon Shier, WPA's Head of Product Development said that "Insurers spend much time pricing the risk of unknown events yet there are many conditions that we know will happen that are not traditionally covered by health insurers. 79% of health insurance policies are purchased by companies wanting all of their employees to be even more effective and LifeStage Health is addressing those things we know will happen at various stages of our lifetimes".

Sharon adds, "LifeStage is also supporting corporate inclusion strategies promoting understanding of female and male health as well as retaining talent for their whole career, whatever the interruption. Such diversity ignites creativity, problem-solving, and innovation. At WPA, we believe our strengths lie in our differences not our similarities. Precision Corporate Healthcare is now a product that truly integrates with our customers' corporate healthcare objectives, strategies and budgets".