Recommend a Friend

Terms and conditions

The Recommend a Friend scheme is available to existing WPA Health Insurance customers who introduce a friend who then purchases a qualifying WPA Health Insurance product.

Terms and conditions

The Recommend a Friend scheme is a conditional offer which may be altered, cancelled or withdrawn at any time without notice. The offer:

  • is available to WPA customers, including those insured under a Company Scheme.
  • permits up to five recommendations per household, per Policy/Company Scheme Year - £100 per recommendation.
  • applies to the following, qualifying products: Complete Health, Enterprise Flexible Benefits or Precision Corporate Healthcare.
  • cannot be claimed retrospectively and only one claim is permitted per product referred; the addition of new members to any existing products does not qualify.
  • applies only to those who do not already have a WPA product and reside in a separate household to the referrer. Those referred must not currently be or have been insured with WPA in the preceding three years.
  • does not apply to WPA employees, intermediaries or customers who also act as introducers and/or receive any other fee.

Payment of a successful recommendation:

  • will be paid directly into your bank account after terms have been issued, at least one month’s premium has been paid and the 30-day cooling off period has expired.