With so much going on around us, it can be difficult to feel truly focused on the work in front of us. Research has found that improving mindfulness can help with this. Mindfulness practice has been proven to increase communication, emotional intelligence, physical health as well as reducing burnout. Watch and share the following videos to help your team improve their resilience, adaptability and to reduce any everyday stress and anxiety they may feel.

What the mindfulness series will cover

  • What is mindfulness?
  • The benefits of mindfulness
  • What mindfulness teaches us
  • Mindfulness techniques
  • How to build a mindfulness practice
  • A calming space in nature meditation example.

Mindfulness masterclass - Part 1 - What is mindfulness?

Meredith Whitely, Meditation Teacher from Stretching the City, introduces mindfulness and talks about what actually is mindfulness?

Mindfulness masterclass - Part 2 - The benefits of mindfulness?

In part two, Meredith will be looking at the benefits of mindfulness, from an increased sense of emotional wellbeing, better quality sleep to reduced anxiety and stress management.

Mindfulness masterclass - Part 3 - What mindfulness teaches us

In part three, Meredith will be looking at what mindfulness teaches us. Mindfulness training makes use of all five senses to help stabilise attention in the present moment.

Mindfulness masterclass - Part 4 - Building a mindfulness habit

In part four of this masterclass series, Meredith will be examining the different mindfulness techniques that you can explore and how to build a mindfulness practice into our day.

Mindfulness masterclass - Part 5 - Calming space in nature mediation

In the last part of this masterclass series, Meredith will take you through a longer meditation together, to give you the opportunity to put some of what you have learnt into practice.