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Shared Responsibility (co-payment) is pioneered by WPA and is available on many of our health insurance policies.
You choose the level of Shared Responsibility you can afford - the higher the level, the lower your premium will be.

What is Shared Responsibility?

Shared Responsibility is an innovative method of co-payment allowing you to take control of the cost of your premium. Unlike a traditional excess, 75% of each claim for eligible treatment is paid no matter how small. You share the cost of your treatment by contributing 25% towards every claim for eligible treatment. Your contribution is also ‘capped’ at an agreed level for your policy year. This means your contribution towards your medical treatment will not cost more than you can afford.

Shared Responsibility is better than an excess as WPA always pay at least 75% of each and every claim for eligible treatment and, if you only need one consultation, you are not left paying a full excess to cover it.

You may choose differing levels of Shared Responsibility and full details are found in the Policy Summary and ‘A Guide to Your Policy’.

How does
Shared Responsibility work?

  1. On receipt of an eligible invoice, WPA will pay 75% of the claimed amount directly to the treatment provider.
  2. We will inform you of your share, which you will need to pay yourself directly to the treatment provider.
  3. Your contribution is deducted from your chosen level of Shared Responsibility.

Once you reach your chosen level of Shared Responsibility there is nothing more to pay for that policy year, because WPA will pay 100% of any eligible claims, subject to your benefit limits. When you renew your policy, your level of Shared Responsibility starts again with the new policy year even if the course of treatment started beforehand.

Example of treatment received within one policy year, based on a £500 Shared Responsibility limit.

Order of treatmentClaimed amountYou payWPA pay
Scans (MRI, CT or PET)£1,000£250£750
Hospital charges£900£225£675
You have now reached your Shared Responsibility limit
Scans (MRI, CT or PET)£1,000£0£1,000
Hospital charges£8,500£0£8,500

Please note that this example is for indicative purposes only. It is based upon the assumption that the options or level of cover chosen provides benefit for the types of treatment illustrated. Other Shared Responsibility levels and percentage splits are available. For full details please refer to the Policy Summary and ‘A Guide to Your Policy’.

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