Multi-Family Healthcare FAQs

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Who can I include on our Multi-Family Healthcare Plan?

Can one person/family join?

Can I cover family members and not myself?

Can I add my family to my policy later?

How do we join WPA?

What is the maximum joining age?

My son/daughter has divorced. Can I still cover his/her ex and family?

If the policyholder (the person responsible for paying the premiums) dies, what happens?

How much does it cost?

What is the maximum annual limit we can claim?

Can I tailor our cover?

Can I change our cover after we have joined?

How can I pay the premium?

Do our premiums increase because we make a claim?

Will you share medical history details with the policyholder who pays the premium?

What hospitals can we use?

What are premium hospitals?

What is Shared Responsibility®?

Can we see any specialist?

Do you have a no claims discount?

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