Flexible Health FAQs

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How do I join WPA?

What is the maximum joining age?

How much does it cost?

What is the maximum annual limit I can claim?

Can I tailor my cover?

Can I change my cover after I have joined?

Do my premiums increase because I make a claim?

What hospitals can I use?

What are premium hospitals?

What is Shared Responsibility® ?

Do I have to have a Shared Responsibility® ?

Can I see any specialist?

Do you have a no claims discount?

Does your policy have a six-week wait option?

I am self-employed or a member of a profession. Does this make a difference?

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  • 3 choices of cover and the additional Optional Extras to tailor the policy to fit your needs.
  • Shared Responsibility. An innovative method of co-payment allowing you to take control of your premium.
  • Underwriting choices. You decide how you wish to join WPA (your underwriting method).
  • Discount available to the self-employed or a member of a recognised profession.

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If you’d rather talk to someone about becoming a member, please give our UK team a call on 01823 625050.