Choose from a comprehensive range of modular options, to create a bespoke group scheme for 2 to 14 members of staff, where each employee can have different options and advanced levels of cover tailored just to them.

Essential cover

In-patient and Day-patient treatment


Hospital Treatment
Critical Care Levels 2 and 3 Up to 28 days for Intensive Care, High Dependency, Coronary Care Units
Specialists’ Fees
Diagnostic Tests
Complex Diagnostic Scans - MRI, CT and PET Scans
In-patient and Day-patient Therapy
Post-operative Consultation and Tests One follow-up consultation and tests within 90 days of surgery
Prostheses Passive and Active
Mental Health Treatment Up to 28 days/nights in one year or 28 days/nights in five years

Cancer Care

Consultations with a Specialist
Radiotherapy / Chemotherapy
Targeted Cancer Therapies Targeted cancer therapies that are not available to you on the NHS (their use must be within their licensed indication for the stage of the condition being treated)
Restorative Treatment as a direct result of Oral Cancer Up to £10,000 for restorative dental treatment including 2 dental implants

NHS Hospital Cash Benefit

Non-cancer – overall combined maximum annual benefit £4,500

NHS In-patient (less than 3 nights) or NHS Day-patient £150 per night/day
NHS In-patient (3 nights or more) £200 per night
NHS Out-patient Complex Diagnostic Scans and NHS Out-patient Procedures (MRI, CT and PET Scans) – £150 per day

Cancer – overall combined maximum annual benefit £6,000

NHS In-patient or NHS Day-patient £200 per night/day
NHS Out-patient Complex Diagnostic Scans or NHS Out-patient Cancer Treatment or NHS Out-patient Procedures £150 per day

Out-patient Treatment

Complex Diagnostic Scans
GP Referred Complex Diagnostic Scans One MRI or CT Scan
Out-patient Procedures
Pre-admission Tests

Choose an out-patient treatment limit

Choose the £250, £500, £1,200, £1,500 or Unlimited option.
Your chosen out-patient treatment limit applies only to the following 2 benefits:

Consultations with a Specialist and Diagnostic Tests
GP Referred Diagnostic Tests

Remote GP Services

24/7 access to a private GP helpline, video consultations, private prescriptions and specialist referral

Further Benefits

Nursing at Home Up to 4 weeks
Private Ambulance Transport
Parent and Child Up to 10 nights for hospital accommodation charges
Out of Pocket Expenses Up to £10 per day
Hospice Donation £70 per day/night, up to £700

Employee Assistance Programme (EAP)

An EAP is automatically included with Enterprise Flexible Benefits. This has many benefits for your organisation, its employees and their family members. It can help to keep your employees engaged and productive and also help them to overcome any issues that may be limiting their ability to perform.

For more information please see our EAP brochure.

Optional Extras

Enhance the Essential Cover with the following Optional Extras.


Choose from £200, £400, £600, £1,200 or £1,800 benefit limit options.
Eligible treatment by a Therapist when referred by your GP/Specialist.

Acupuncture • Chiropractic Care • Chiropody/Podiatry • Dietary Services • Homeopathy • Occupational Therapy • Osteopathy • Physiotherapy • Psychology / Psychotherapy • Speech and Language Therapy

Overseas Emergency Treatment

When travelling abroad for business purposes only. Choose either 35 days or 70 days benefit limit options.
35 days per trip – maximum £250,000 or 70 days per trip (35 if in the USA) – maximum £500,000

Emergency/Overseas Treatment
Family Assistance

Face to Face Counselling

If chosen, this Optional Extra will apply for all members on cover.

Face to face counselling sessions with a diverse network of over 2,500 affiliated clinicians across the UK.
Up to 6 sessions

GP Services

Benefit towards the cost of treatment by a GP

Level 1

Level 2

Level 3

GP Services/Fees
Prescription Charges

Cash Extras

Cash benefits up to the maximum annual benefit limits shown

Level 1

Level 2

Level 3

Optical Treatment
New Baby
Health Screening 1 health screen every 2 years
A&E Attendance £40 per visit to A&E
Post-hospital Recovery Bonus After 7 consecutive nights in hospital
NHS Car Parking £300 for cancer treatment or £50 for other hospital stays, as a patient or for visitors' parking when you make an eligible NHS cash benefit claim.

Dental Care

Dental treatment either on the NHS or with a private dentist

Level 1

Level 2

Level 3

General Dental Treatment When performed by a registered dental hygienist in general dental practice
Dental Emergencies £250 per course of treatment, maximum 4 episodes
(a 14 day qualifying period applies)
Dental Injuries (a 14 day qualifying period applies)

Children under the age of 18 are entitled to 50% of the benefit available for Dental Injuries.
No benefit is available for General Dental Treatment or Dental Emergencies as they are entitled to free treatment under the terms and conditions of the NHS.

Shared Responsibility

An innovative co-payment feature that allows you to take greater control of your premium, whilst ensuring that your employees aren’t compromised on benefits. Click here for more details.
£0 • £150 • £250 • £500 • £750 • £1,000 • £1,500 • £3,000 • £5,000 • £6,000

This table is a summary of the benefits available and is for indicative purposes only. Please refer to the 'Group Scheme Summary' for further details and 'A Guide to Your Group Scheme' for full terms and conditions in the ‘Download documents’ section below.

What isn't covered

As you’d expect, some circumstances won’t be covered by your group scheme, like the examples shown below.

  • Long-term chronic conditions.
  • Treatment for allergic conditions.
  • Childbirth, fertility or neonatal treatment.
  • Any claim that has not been pre-authorised.
  • Injuries sustained through winter sports.

For a full list of what isn’t covered, please refer to the guide in the ‘Download documents’ section below.

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