Enterprise Health benefits

Choose from a comprehensive range of options and advanced levels of care to create a tailored company scheme for 10 to 29 members of staff.

Standard cover

In-patient and Day-patient Treatment

Includes Hospital Treatment, Specialists' Fees, Diagnostic Tests and Complex Diagnostic Scans such as MRI, CT and PET Scans.

NHS Hospital Cash Benefit - Non-cancer

Cash benefit per night/day as an NHS In-patient/Day-patient or for NHS Out-patient Complex Diagnostic Scans and NHS Out-patient Procedures.

Out-patient Treatment

Consultations with a Specialist, Diagnostic Tests, Therapy and Out-patient Procedures.

Remote Benefits

24/7 access to a private GP helpline. Employee Assistance Programme (EAP) with telephone support and six sessions of Structured Counselling.

Comprehensive cover

In addition to the Standard benefits above, Comprehensive includes the following additional benefits.

Cancer Care

Consultations with a Specialist, Radiotherapy / Chemotherapy and Targeted Cancer Therapies.

NHS Hospital Cash Benefit - Cancer

Cash benefit per night/day as an NHS In-patient/Day-patient or for NHS Out-patient Complex Diagnostic Scans and NHS Out-patient Cancer Treatment or NHS Out-patient Procedures.

Mental Health Treatment

In-patient admissions, Out-patient Consultations, Psychotherapy and Psychology.

Further Benefits

Nursing at Home, Private Ambulance Transport, Parent and Child hospital accommodation charges, Out of Pocket Expenses and Hospice Donation.

Optional Extras

You can enhance the Standard and Comprehensive cover with the following Optional Extras.

Overseas Emergency Treatment

Emergency/Overseas Treatment. Evacuation/Repatriation. Family Assistance.

Cash Extras

Cash benefits include Optical Treatment, Health Screening and a New Baby benefit.

Premium Hospitals

Extend the extensive choice of hospitals as standard by adding Premium Hospitals, which are primarily based in Central London.

Dental Care

Cash benefit towards General Dental Treatment, Dental Emergencies, Dental Injuries and Restorative Treatment as a direct result of Oral Cancer.

Structured Counselling (Extended Therapy)

Provides more sessions than the Standard Structured Counselling benefit, allowing the treatment of more complex health concerns, if required.

The following Optional Extras are available to add to Comprehensive cover only.

Oral Surgery

Replantation of teeth following trauma. Removal of impacted/buried teeth/roots. Removal of cysts of the jaw.

Long-Term (Chronic) Conditions

Consultations and therapy treatment required in relation to a claim where benefit is not available in line with limitations on the treatment of Long-term (Chronic) Conditions.

Winter Sports - UK Treatment

Established treatment upon your return to the UK, required as a result of a winter sports injury.

Please refer to the 'A Guide to Your Company Scheme' and the relevant Benefit Schedule for full details of each benefit and terms and conditions.

Tailor your premium

Shared Responsibility ®
  • 75% of each claim for eligible treatment is paid no matter how small.
  • Employees share the cost of treatment with us by contributing 25% towards every eligible claim.
  • Employees contribution is 'capped' at an agreed level per Company Scheme year.
  • Once an employee's contributions reach the chosen level in a Company Scheme year, WPA will pay 100% of eligible claims until the next annual renewal date.

Shared Responsibility levels available:

£0 • £150 • £250 • £500 • £750 • £1,000 • £1,500 • £3,000 • £5,000 • £6,000


Instead of Shared Responsibility, you may prefer to take a traditional excess on your Company Scheme (per person per Company Scheme year, not per claim).

Excess levels available:

£0 • £100 • £150 • £200 • £250

Please note: Shared Responsibility and Excess.
At renewal you can increase the Shared Responsibility or excess limit, however you can only reduce it by one level at a time (e.g. from £1,000 to £750)

What isn't covered?

As with all health insurance there are certain things that are not covered. For a full list of what isn't covered, please refer to the 'A Guide to Your Company Scheme'. It is important to understand that health insurance is not designed to be a replacement for the NHS, but rather to complement it.

Key exclusions include:

  • Any long-term monitoring, management or treatment of incurable, prolonged or lifelong condition(s) (chronic conditions).
  • Targeted Cancer Therapies if readily available on the NHS.
  • Fertility problems, pregnancy and childbirth (except the limited cash benefit for childbirth under the New Baby benefit if included).
  • Cosmetic surgery.
  • Neonatal treatment.

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