A Guide to Health Cover for the Self-Employed

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A Guide to Health Cover for the Self-Employed

What kind of cover do you need?

The days of one size fits all on medical insurance have long gone. These days you can pick and choose what you want from a plan. For the self-employed, the most important element that health insurance offers them is speed - you won´t be waiting in queues for treatment.

With health insurance, there´s an advantage to being self-employed. Some insurers have worked out that as the self-employed get ill less than the rest of the population, they are a better insurance risk - and this means they pay less for cover than employees.

Is it worth the cost?

Only you can decide whether you want to pay for health cover. No-one underestimates the financial strains of being self-employed these days. Add on the red tape required to run a business in the UK these days, it´s amazing that so many of us run our own businesses

But if you own equipment or premises for your business, you will have them insured so that should anything happen, you can continue to work and make money.

Health insurance is just like that - it is there as a sleeping partner which will step in to help if there is a problem that needs sorting quickly. And remember with health insurance that the earlier you take cover, the better. Premiums rise with age and no medical insurer will cover you for conditions you had before you took out the policy. So, the sooner the better - as unfortunately age brings with it the increasing chance of serious illness.

Not all health insurance policies are the same, of course. Some insurers will direct where and when their customers are treated. That is rather against the whole idea of health insurance which should give policyholders the freedom and choice they are paying for.

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