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NHS Top-Up Swift Diagnosis
Help towards the costs of diagnosing a new condition

Swift Diagnosis What is Not Covered

The Swift Diagnosis Group Scheme specifically excludes the following list which is a summary only. For a full list of exclusions please see ´A Guide to Your Group Scheme´.

  • Any costs that exceed the maximum benefit limit.
  • For companies with less than 10 employees on cover, a 90 day qualifying period will apply.
  • Pre-existing conditions and symptoms are not covered as these generally have already been diagnosed.
  • Diagnostic procedures carried out by a GP.
  • GP and therapist (e.g. physiotherapist/chiropractor) fees are not covered, unless the Group Scheme member holds an NHS Top-Up cash plan.
  • Any tests and investigations where these were not referred by a GP.
  • Any corrective/curative procedures carried out on a different day to the diagnostic procedure.
  • Any complications arising from any tests/investigations including diagnostic procedures.
  • Any treatment from the date a diagnosis is reached.
  • Angiograms of any kind.

This option is not available if your employee holds a private medical insurance (PMI) policy with WPA. If after taking this option you wish to upgrade your employee(s) to a WPA PMI policy, they will be required to declare their full medical history and personal exclusions may be applied.

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