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NHS Top-Up Swift Diagnosis
Help towards the costs of diagnosing a new condition

Frequently Asked Questions

What is not covered within my Swift Diagnosis Group Scheme?
Any condition for which you have received a diagnosis or any conditions that you have suffered symptoms of before your WPA join date.
Which benefits can my GP refer me for?
Your GP can refer you for Private blood tests, ultrasounds, x-rays, MRI, CT or PET scans which are billed by a hospital. Any Diagnostic procedures have to be carried out by a specialist (excludes angiograms)
Is there a qualifying period?
If your Group Scheme has less than 10 employees there is a 90 day qualifying period, where any condition suffered within the first 90 days of joining will not be covered.
Can I have Swift Diagnosis with any other policy?
Yes with NHS Top up & the extras, but not as part of a PMI. It can also be purchased as a Standalone option.
Can the Group make changes?
Your Company can cancel your Group Scheme by giving us one month´s notice and they can make changes to your cover (such as upgrading or downgrading your level of cover, changing your cashback percentage, adding or removing extras) with effect from the anniversary date of your original Group Scheme start date.

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