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Group Scheme literature

NHS Top-Up Swift Diagnosis
Help towards the costs of diagnosing a new condition

What´s covered with Swift Diagnosis

Swift Diagnosis provides valuable benefits for your employees towards their costs of private diagnostic tests and investigations to get a swift (fast-track) diagnosis.


  per person per year
Consultations with a specialist and diagnostic tests on the referral of a GP or specialist (e.g. blood tests, ultrasounds, x-rays, MRI, CT or PET scans), Diagnostic procedures carried out by a specialist (excludes angiograms)
£1,500 *
Specialist charges
Special charges for a colonoscopy as a day-patient/out-patient
An extra £500 *

* There is a total annual benefit of £2,000 available when a colonoscopy procedure is required, otherwise the overall combined benefit per year is £1,500.

Employee assistance programme - free on all levels of cover

A high quality active EAP service provided by Validium. For more information see the EAP leaflet.

employee support (telephone based) line manager support organisational support
Counselling, legal, health & wellbeing information, financial & debt counselling and an emergency domestic repair service To improve performance and staff productivity For supervisors, line managers and directors

Discounts on gym membership & health screens

Your employees will also benefit from lower gym membership fees with Nuffield Health and Wellbeing centres, as well as a 10% discount off the cost of a full health assessment or a well man/well woman screen at Nuffield Hospitals. Details will be provided on joining WPA.

Claiming is easy

  • Your employee should call us before having any tests or investigations so we can authorise treatment in advance.
  • Once he/she has had treatment and settled their invoices, forward them to WPA for reimbursement within the benefit limits shown above.
  • Once a diagnosis has been reached, call the helpline support desk for advice on the next steps.

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