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The Policy Benefits

  3 star 4 star 5 star
In-patient & day-patient treatment Standard Enhanced Comprehensive
Hospital treatment tick tick tick
Specialists´ fees 1 tick tick tick
Diagnostic tests and complex scans tick tick tick
Prostheses tick tick tick
NHS cash benefit tick tick tick
Psychiatric treatment cross cross cross

Out-patient Treatment      
Specialist consultations & tests 1 £150 £500 Unlimited
Complex diagnostic scans (MRI, CT & PET) tick tick tick
Physiotherapy & other therapies £200 £500 Unlimited
Out-patient procedures 1 tick tick tick
Pre-admission tests 1 tick tick tick
Psychiatric treatment cross cross cross

Cancer Cover 2      
Consultations with a Specialist 1 tick tick tick
Radiotherapy/Chemotherapy tick tick tick
Targeted/Biological therapies 3 tick tick tick
NHS hospital cash benefit (cancer) tick tick tick

Other Valuable Benefits      
Nursing at Home tick tick tick
Private ambulance transport tick tick tick
Parent and child tick tick tick
Out of pocket expenses tick tick tick
Hospice donation tick tick tick
Dental 4 cross £200 £450
Optical 4 cross £200 £200
Health screening 4 cross £200 £200
Emergency Abroad (not USA) 5 Optional extra Optional extra Included

Important Notes

tick Covered. You will pay 25% of eligible fees until you reach the chosen Shared Responsibility (co-payment) maximum annual limit (not applicable for Hospital cash benefits, Out of pocket expenses and Hospice donation benefits). All benefits apply per person per policy year unless otherwise stated.

cross Not covered (see ´What is not covered´ in ´A Guide to Your Policy´).

1 In line with customary and reasonable fees. For a guideline of customary and reasonable fees contact WPA or visit
2 Cancers will not be covered which are diagnosed or for which symptoms develop within the first 90 days from the start of the policy.
3 WPA will fund the use of advanced anti-cancer (targeted/biological therapies) treatments which are not readily available in the NHS with our prior approval and when given with curative intent.
4 There is a 1 month qualifying period for optical, dental and health screening.
5 The Emergency Abroad extra is not a substitute for a comprehensive travel insurance plan. Travel insurance typically provides wider benefits. However, unlike most travel insurance, it covers eligible medical conditions that arise after you take out your WPA policy, but not conditions (or related conditions) that require current treatment in the UK or for which you have undergone treatment for in the 6 months prior to travelling. You are not covered for travel to the USA and its dependency Puerto Rico.

See what´s not covered in detail.

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