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How do I find out more about Enterprise Health?
Either talk to your local WPA Healthcare Partner (find your local office), contact us directly on 0800 298 9 588, or contact your current insurance intermediary.
What are my underwriting options to join Enterprise Health?
You can view details of the underwriting options available to you here.
I like the cover I have with my current insurer. Can WPA provide the same cover?
We will match your current cover as closely as possible, whilst also providing alternative options to reduce your premium or increase your cover.
What is the minimum group size (number of employees) required to join Enterprise Health?
If I want to take up a company-paid Group Scheme with less than 15 employees, what are my options?
Enterprise Flexible Benefits offers company-paid PMI cover for groups of 2 employees or more on a Full Medical Underwritten or Moratorium basis.

NHS Top-Up is a low benefit in kind company-paid cash plan.

Corporate Providental is a low benefit in kind company-paid dental Group Scheme.
Can my company take out an Enterprise Health Group Scheme if we are currently not insured?
Yes, but only if the group size (number of employees) is 25 or more. For smaller non-insured groups we offer Enterprise Flexible Benefits for company-paid PMI cover.
What age can child dependants be included on Enterprise Health?
The permitted age of child dependants is 25 years old. The only requirement is that they must be living at the same address as the Group Scheme member, unless they are living away due to being in full time education.