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Routine treatment includes check-ups, x-rays, fillings, root canal treatment, crowns, bridges, dentures, hygienist

NHS Top-Up : Providental

Dental Insurance from £11.04 a month 1
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Providental is an ideal dental insurance policy for individuals and families, providing cashback towards many common dental expenses.

The key benefits you can expect from our dental insurance policy

  • Routine treatment includes check-ups, fillings, scale & polish, hygienist visits, root canal treatment, crowns, bridges and dentures. Pre-existing conditions are covered.
  • Dental emergency cover - for acute pain or swelling in the UK (or abroad with level two cover).
  • Dental injuries - which arise from a blow to your face.
  • Oral cancer cover - includes restorative treatment costs (e.g. implants).
  • A choice of two levels of cover - level one for NHS treatment only, level two for NHS and private treatment.

What´s more...

  • No need to move dentists - we cover all UK dentists.
  • Claiming is simple - send us your receipt with a completed claim form. Learn more
  • Any questions, just phone our UK customer service team.

Note that Providental is not a fully comprehensive dental insurance policy.

1. Based on level one aged 18-49. £13.94 for ages 50+.

  • Please note that the maximum age to join Providental is 65 with renewal terms available thereafter.
  • You must be a resident of the UK for at least 6 months a year and you must have visited a UK dentist for treatment or a check-up within the last 18 months.

Find out more about the benefits our dental insurance offers you.

Read our dental insurance FAQ.

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