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Enterprise Health Group Scheme

Enterprise Flexible Benefits - Shared Responsibility (co-payment)

An added feature available on your Business Health Insurance is Shared Responsibility. This is an innovative cost-sharing option offered with six different levels. It reduces your premium without reducing your cover. You can add Shared Responsibility to any number of employees´ - giving you even greater control over your company´s health insurance package.

How it works...

Step 1

Choose a personal annual limit for each employee.

Step 2

WPA pay 75% of all eligible claims up to the personal annual limit.

Step 3

Your employee pays the remaining 25%.

Step 4

Once your employee´s 25% contributions reach their personal annual limit, WPA will pay 100% of all eligible claims until the next annual renewal date.


At renewal you can increase the Shared Responsibility limit, however you can only reduce it by one level at a time (e.g. from £3,000 to £1,000 or £1,000 to £500). Further information available or on request.

Level Discount
£150 5%
£250 10%
£500 20%
£1,000 30%
£3,000 40%
£5,000 50%

Our comprehensive business health insurance FAQ provides answers to many common questions.

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