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Enterprise Health Group Scheme

What´s not covered with Enterprise Flexible Benefits

As with all health insurance policies, there are certain things that are not covered. Enterprise Flexible Benefits specifically exclude the following list which is a summary only. For a full list of exclusions please see ´A Guide to Your Group Scheme´.

  • Any medical conditions your employee had when you took out the Group Scheme (pre-existing conditions) unless declared to and accepted by WPA.
  • Chronic conditions (which are any long-term illnesses that lead to long-term monitoring or management).
  • Dangerous sports/activities.
  • Dental problems (unless you choose the Dental Option).
  • Fertility problems, pregnancy & childbirth.
  • Fees charged above "customary & reasonable" rates.
  • Neonatal treatment.
  • Cosmetic surgery (unless you buy NHS Top-Up with the Cosmetic option).
  • Care and/or treatment arising from or related to taking part in winter sports holiday (e.g. skiing, snowboarding) scuba diving and motor sports.
  • Injuries resulting from taking part in professional sports.
  • mycancerdrugs is not an option you are able to purchase if you have bought Essential Cover.
  • Wellness & Dental Plans: please note you cannot hold any existing cashplan or dental plan with another insurer after the qualifying period.
  • NHS cash benefit can only be claimed under either Essential or Wellness in respect of one hospital stay.
  • Varicose veins for the first 2 years of cover if you join on fully underwritten terms.

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