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NHS Top-Up
A cash plan to help with those everyday healthcare costs

What´s not covered with NHS Top-Up

As with all health insurance policies, there are certain things that are not covered. NHS Top-Up specifically excludes the following list which is a summary only. For a full list of exclusions please see ´A Guide to Your Group Scheme´.

  • All personal medical exclusions applied to any additional PMI group scheme with WPA.
  • Chronic conditions (which are long-term illnesses that lead to long-term monitoring or management).
  • Childbirth, fertility problems, assisted conception, contraception or neonatal treatment (except new baby benefit).
  • Psychiatric conditions (except employee assistance and face to face helpline).
  • Winter sports holidays and/or extreme and professional sports injuries.
  • If you have chosen the mycancerdrugs extra for your employees, they will not be eligible for cover if:
    • They have had, or at the time of application have, cancer or symptoms of cancer or they are on a medically supervised health screening or review programme because they are considered to be at higher risk of developing cancer.
    • Either of the employees parents, brothers or sisters have developed or died of cancer under the age of 60 years.
  • If you have chosen the swift diagnosis option for your employees, they are not covered for symptoms in the first 90 days as a qualifying period applies for companies with less than 10 employees on cover.

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