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NHS Top-Up - A unique health care cash plan that supplements your valuable NHS care

What´s not covered with NHS Top-Up

As with all health insurance plans, there are certain things that are not covered. NHS Top-Up specifically excludes the following list which is a summary only. For a full list please see ´What is not covered´ in ´A Guide to Your Policy´. A copy is also available on request.

  • Any claims submitted more than 6 months after the treatment took place.
  • Benefits associated with any medical conditions (including undiagnosed symptoms) you had when you took out the plan (pre-existing conditions). This does not apply to the optical and dental benefits.
  • Any long-term illnesses that lead to long-term monitoring or management (chronic conditions)
  • Childbirth, fertility or neonatal (except for New Baby benefit)
  • Psychiatric conditions (except medical & legal helpline)
  • Care and/or treatment arising from or related to taking part in winter sports (e.g. skiing, snowboarding), SCUBA diving and motor sports or engaging in professional sport or any accident or injury that occurs whilst on a winter sports holiday and whilst staying in a winter sports resort.
  • The mycancerdrugs extra is available until your 66th birthday. You will not be eligible for cover if:
    • You have had, or at the time of application have, cancer or symptoms for cancer or you are on (or have been advised by a healthcare professional to take part in) a medically supervised health screening or review programme because you are considered to be at higher risk of developing cancer.
    • Either your parents, brothers or sisters have developed or died of cancer under the age of 60.
    • You may not be eligible for cover if any of your Aunts / Uncles have developed breast or colorectal / bowel cancer under the age of 60.

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