Repatriation by air ambulance - a specialist service

Wherever you are abroad*, when medically necessary our emergency medical cover provides specialist repatriation services arranged through various international air ambulance providers.

repatriation by air ambulance - a specialist service

In Europe, this highly specialist service is provided by WPA´s partner, CEGA, the only UK medical assistance company to operate its own fleet of air ambulances.

About CEGA

CEGA, founded in 1973, provides a rapid and direct response to acute medical emergencies 24 hours a day, every day of the week. They have their own team of doctors, nurses, pilots, aircrew and ground crew backed by a multi-lingual workforce.

CEGA´s fleet of air ambulances are equipped with the latest on-board aero-medical equipment.

CEGA stipulate that their medical crew (doctors and nurses) involved in air ambulance repatriation have previous experience in critical care transfers and that they currently work in a hospital intensive care environment.

* Please note that our individual health policies exclude cover within the USA - please check your policy details or contact WPA for more information.