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Schedule of Benefit for Medical Fees

Important information to ensure that the professional fees charged are fair.

It is an absolute condition of your professional recognition by WPA that you will provide your patients with written details of your fees in advance of treatment taking place.

In the event that a patient is not reasonably advised of fees (in writing), and there is a shortfall they have not agreed to, WPA reserves our rights to support the patient in resisting demands for any additional payment. In addition, WPA reserves the right to withdraw recognition from any provider in these circumstances.

We reserve the right to recover any overpayment in fees following an audit of surgery performed on any WPA patient.

Subject to the validity of the information provided to us by our customer, the medical team and the hospital, we may confirm cover for a proposed treatment. However, we will still need to assess and certify any claim made under the policy before any payment can be made to you. In the event that subsequent information shows that the treatment fell outside of the terms of the healthcare scheme, WPA reserves the right to withdraw such cover and reverse any payments made.

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