Co-payment (Shared Responsibility)

Co-payment is pioneered by WPA and is available on many of our health insurance policies. You choose the level of co-payment you can afford - the higher the level, the lower your premium will be. The level you choose will be attached to your policy and will directly affect any claims that you make on your policy. We call it ´co-payment´ because you are in effect sharing the cost of your claims with WPA. Where the co-payment is on a 25/75 basis*, you pay 25% of eligible claims and WPA pays 75%. However, you only pay 25% up to the maximum co-payment limit you have chosen, until the next policy year (when your health insurance policy renews).

Example of treatment received within one policy year, based on a £1,000 co-payment limit.

Order of Treatment Claimed Amount You Pay WPA Pay
Specialist Consultation £100 £25 £75
Scans (MRI, CT or PET) £1,000 £250 £750
Hospital Charges £2,900 £725 £2,175
You have now reached your co-payment limit
Scans (MRI, CT or PET) £1,000 - £1,000
Hospital Charges £8,500 - £8,500
Total £13,500 £1,000 £12,500

Note: The example assumes that the options chosen allow for the types of treatment illustrated. Please also check ´A Guide to your Policy´ to see the choice of maximum annual co-payment available to you.

* Other forms of co-payment available on some policies include a 30/70 or 50/50 split.

Please check your policy documentation for details of which co-payment is applicable to your policy.

75 / 25
Share costs
WPA 75%
You 25%
Upper limit
Your choice