Shared Responsibility ®

Shared Responsibility (co-payment) is pioneered by WPA and is available on many of our health insurance policies. You can choose to have a Shared Responsibility of £1,200. Choosing a Shared Responsibility will reduce your premium. The Shared Responsibility will directly affect any claims that you make on your policy. We call it ´co-payment´ because you are in effect sharing the cost of your claims with WPA. The Shared Responsibility is on a 30/70 basis, you pay 30% of eligible claims and WPA pays 70%. However, you only pay 30% up to the maximum Shared Responsibility limit, of £1,200 until the next policy year (when your health insurance policy renews).

Example of treatment received within one policy year, based on a £1,200 Shared Responsibility limit.

Order of Treatment Claimed Amount You Pay WPA Pay
Specialist Consultation £100 £30 £70
Scans (MRI, CT or PET) £1,000 £300 £700
Hospital Charges £2,900 £870 £2,030
You have now reached your Shared Responsibility limit
Scans (MRI, CT or PET) £1,000 - £1,000
Hospital Charges £8,500 - £8,500
Total £13,500 £1,200 £12,500

Note: The example assumes that the options chosen allow for the types of treatment illustrated. Please also check ´A Guide to your Policy´ to see the choice of maximum annual Shared Responsibility available to you.

70 / 30
Share costs
WPA 70%
You 30%
Upper limit
Your choice